Studio Procedures & Guidelines During COVID

  1. If you are not feeling well, please do not come to the studio.
  2. If you have traveled out of the country or to a state with a COVID spike, we ask that you wait two weeks after returning home and experiencing no symptoms of illness before coming back to the studio.
  3. If you do contract Coronavirus, please notify the studio immediately. A MINIMUM two-week waiting period AND negative coronavirus test will be required to return to the studio.
  4. Please make sure to reserve your spot for class through our free app or on our schedule page prior to coming to the studio. Class sizes are limited at this time, so we are unable to “squish-in” walk-ins once class is full.
  5. Upon arriving at the studio, please wait until 10 minutes prior to class to enter the studio.
  6. We are not able to use waiting areas at this time. As such, we ask that you bring a bag with you and only bring the bare necessities into the studio. You will ultimately take that bag to your spot in the studio to place your belongings (keys, wallet, phone, shoes, etc.) into that bag. The bag will stay with you in your spot for the duration of class.
  7. We will have hand sanitizer available when you enter the reception area, and we will require that you sanitize your hands prior to entering the studio.
  8. You MUST bring your own mat with you. We will NOT be providing mats until further notice. If you show up without a mat, we will ask you to come back at another time when you do have one with you.
  9. Please make sure to bring your own water and/or towel to class.
  10. Masks must be worn into the building until you are settled in your spot within the studio.
  11. While we request that you remove your shoes before walking into the actual studio, we do request that you have socks on until you get to your spot. If you would like to wear barre socks throughout class, feel free, or you may remove them once you are on your mat.
  12. If you are taking a class that involves equipment, you will have a box with the necessary equipment at your spot. When class is over, please leave the equipment right next to the box, and an instructor will take care of sanitizing the equipment and putting it away. We so appreciate that many of you want to help us with this, but in order to reduce contact, please just leave the equipment next to the box to be handled solely by an instructor.
  13. There will be NO hands-on adjustments, cool down, or Reiki provided at this time. We will diffuse some essential oils during cool down, when it’s appropriate to enhance your relaxation.
  14. After class, we will dismiss each client one at a time. This gives everyone time to put a mask and socks back on go out to the reception area, put shoes back on, get keys ready, etc. without crowding the reception area, so we can maintain social distancing. We miss the post class chats so much it literally hurts our hearts. But we have to ask that you not linger in the reception area to chat. If you would like to go outside and have conversations in an open-air, socially distanced environment, you are most welcome to do so.
  15. You will notice that there is a significant reduction in class sizes, so it is essential that you sign up to reserve your spot as early as possible. Likewise, if you cannot attend a class, please cancel it at your earliest opportunity to give someone a chance to get in off the waitlist. FYI – Max. 7 people for barre, 7 people for all yoga varieties, 6 people for cardio (POUND®, Zumba®, Holy HIIT! & Stretch and new class coming soon).
  16. There MUST be a minimum of 30 minutes between in-studio classes in order for us to properly sanitize the equipment and the space. We would love your input regarding classes and times that are preferential for you, but we do ask that you take this into consideration.
  17. Please note that our Zoom classes are now a simulcast of a live, in-studio class. You will want to double check that you have signed up for the version you intend to take. There are a couple of ways to be sure (assuming I didn’t mess up while scheduling LOL). The description of the class should have VIRTUAL in the title if it is a Zoom class. Also, when you go to register for the class, double check the “Location” line. You will see “Anchor Barre Main Studio” for in-studio classes, “Anchor Barre Parking Lot” for outdoor classes and “Zoom” for the livestream.
  18. The video library, available right from our web site, is free to Elite Crew Members or $5 for a 2 day rental for non-members.
  19. Live, outdoor classes take place in our parking lot, and you’ll want to bring your own mat, towel & water, and get ready to werk outdoors. We need a minimum of 6 people to run these classes, and there are caps on classes to maintain proper social distancing, so make sure to sign up asap! Get some fresh air, sunshine and a serious sweat!